Sonos udm pro

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Sonos udm pro

My Sonos system is getting a bit old now. It has served me well for more than 10 years, and will — I hope, now that Sonos changed their mind about long term support — keep me going for a few years more. Its real strength and perhaps weakness, when it came to supporting it was the immense customisability it offered, Sure, it offered this by the editing of an obscure config. Now, I — like quite a few people — am pretty distrustful of IoT equipment.

So I keep all my non-personal network items on a dedicated IoT vlan. This includes all my Sonos players. But not, importantly, their controllers, which these days are on the family phones which live on the main vlan. Back in the good old USG days, getting the Sonos to speak to the controllers on the trusted vlan was just a matter of a little judicious editing of the old config. I think the reason is to do with my Sonos kit. In particular, none of my kit is Airplay 2 compatible.

Sonos and the Spanning Tree Protocol

So my suspicion is that people who are not having problems have at least one Airplay 2 compatible Sonos device. I guess that they are connecting directly to their Unifi network as opposed to using SonosNet, which I use.

So there goes that theory. And given its longevity, my guess is that many of us share this problem. So what is it about the older kit that makes it an issue? And what exactly was going on in that config. Well, the issue is that Sonos at least in its pre-Airplay 2 devices uses a slightly obscure protocol called SSDP to cross vlans to discover devices. Back in my USG days I could allow that traffic to cross vlans by using an implementation of igmp-proxy. But no such service is available for the UDM-Pro.

Of course, this is only for discovery, not for communication. So I still have to open firewall ports for any solution to work.

The solution to the discovery problem that I came across was — unlike the USG — simple and elegant. And, thankfully, a wonderful user called scyto has taken the time to implement multicast-relay into a docker container that can be run on the UDM-Pro. Instead it runs a close relative called Podman, identical in all practical respects for the basic user. So in order to get all that multicast goodness running, all that I need to do is to run a simple command on the UDM-Pro.

On my system I chose to have my main untagged vlan as 98 and my IoT vlan as I use slightly obscure numbers for my main vlan. For example, hotel networks often have addresses in the Your question may be answered by sellers, manufacturers, or customers who purchased this item, who are all part of the Amazon community. Please make sure that you are posting in the form of a question. Please enter a question. It's easy to use and still offers all the benefits of UniFi for homes and businesses.

sonos udm pro

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sonos udm pro

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sonos udm pro

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New setup- Sonosnet

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A tip for Sonos and Unifi UDM-Pro users

To homepage To homepage. Todd - Sonos. Note: IEEE The two types of STP protocols are compatible and Therefore, This is typically never the case and these switches pass the BPDU packets like any other packet. When the ZonePlayers are not able to see BPDUs, they cannot detect there is a shared transmission medium between the Zones and this will typically result in loops in the network.

The solution to allow the use of these switches with Sonos is to enable and configure the Spanning Tree on the Ethernet switches. The configuration settings on each switch are different and the appropriate documentation for those products should be consulted.

Typically, setting this function also works, but again please review the switches product documentation. A good guideline for Ethernet switches is if the switch says it supports Spanning Tree, either If the switch does not state it supports Spanning Tree, Different ZonePlayers can be connected to different Ethernet switches which are in turn connected to each other.

The only requirement is that Sonos ZonePlayers must be able to actively participate in There is no Sonos limitation that prevents wiring multiple ZonePlayers to multiple Ethernet switches.

IEEE This means that the total number of connected bridges from one end of the network to the other should not exceed 7 bridges. This typically only comes into play when daisy chaining Sonos ZonePlayers together by wiring one ZonePlayer to the next. In this case, the guidelines is when daisy chaining ZonePlayers, do not exceed 7 ZonePlayers wired together. If wiring multiple ZonePlayer to a single Ethernet switch, typically the number of spans will only be 3 or 4 I.

A number of comments have used the term router and switch interchangeably in regards to this topic. A Spanning Tree cannot span two or more routed networks.

In addition all Sonos ZonePlayers and Controllers must be on the same routed IP network in order to properly communicate and function. Typically, two or more routed networks are not seen in the household environment except by accident Example. A carrier provides a new router in a network that already had a router and the original router was not removed.

sonos udm pro

Hopefully this information has clarified a number of items and not added additional confusion. Regards, Todd. STP settings.The Sonos listening experience is effortless, whether you're setting up your first speaker or custom-tuning your fifth. Your browser's Javascript functionality is turned off. Please turn it on so that you can experience the full capabilities of this site. Easy to Use. Plug it in, turn it on, and open the app.

Setup is simple. Download the Sonos app. Plug your speaker into the power. Get step-by-step instructions in the Sonos app.

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Control it all with the app. Easily manage your system from any room. Browse music, radio, podcasts, and audiobooks, adjust the volume, group speakers to play in sync, set custom alarms, and more. Learn more. Listen on Bluetooth. Switch Move to Bluetooth mode and stream from your favorite app when WiFi isn't available. Shop Move. Use your voice. Play music, check news, set alarms, and more.

Shuffling your playlist. Now Playing.The thing that sits in the corner and controls the color of your lightbulbs, do not need to have access to the same network as your other data. This makes sense, as once they are configured all they do is communicate out to their respective cloud services — and the management apps for them connect to that service, not directly to the device itself.

This also makes sense, since these devices are supposed to receive data from your your other devices - directly. My primarily use case for them is Spotify Connect so I can stream music to my stereo setups I have an old analog NAD receiver with some nice Dali speakers that do not have digital connections at allso being able to actually stream music to them is rather useful.

Once you have this network in place, be it either via WiFi or via physical VLAN tagging on a switch port or bothyou can start moving your devices over. These devices then got a new IP assigned to them from the new network definition, and their management apps still worked without problems.

In short, this means that connections that are already in place, or related to those established connections will be allowed.

Gen2 UniFi Switches - USW-24-POE

Give the rule a name that makes sense, enable it and expand Advanced. Find States and select Established and Related. Then go to Destinationselect Network again, and choose the network your regular devices is located in. Now, you can start moving your streaming devices. Michael Ryom has come up with a recipe for enabling Sonos Wireless Speakers in a similar setup.

Check his tweet for screenshots. See his About page for more details, or find him on Twitter. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Got it! Note: The following information was correct at the time of posting, based on a setup with 1 x UniFi Security Gateway 3P 4.

Click on Save to make the rule active. I do kind of like this.Joinsubscribers and get a daily digest of news, geek trivia, and our feature articles. The Sonos media controller app on Windows is almost perfect, but it does have limitations. This means if you use another music application to handle a massive library of MP3s, or have a lot of YouTube playlists, or you just want to listen to the ball game around the house, you can with Sonos and Stream What You Hear.

NET Framework 4. As long as your Sonos device or devices are powered on and set upyou should see them in the Stream to menu. The Best Tech Newsletter Anywhere. Joinsubscribers and get a daily digest of news, comics, trivia, reviews, and more.

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Skip to content. How-To Geek is where you turn when you want experts to explain technology. Since we launched inour articles have been read more than 1 billion times. Want to know more?My friends laugh and my wife sighs at how often I upgrade our home networking gear. Our biggest equipment swap occurred two years agowhen we consolidated our entire home network on Ubiquiti Unifi gear. Last year, I upgraded our firewallnetwork controllerand WiFi access points. I also added a PoE-powered switch to our data closet.

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Separately, we replaced one of our home security camera systems with the Ubiquiti Unifi Protect system. We also reduced power consumption and UPS backup by two devices. In this article, I will also cover new features included in the Unifi controller 5.

Some dislike the idea of rotating hard drive disks that are prone to mechanical failure. To be candid, UbiOS remains a work in progress: more stable as of v1. If you do not want a built-in hard drive, you need not populate the HDD slot. As of v1. Although any 3. After that, the hard drive was recognized and I could then install the UniFi Protect controller.

We have a symmetrical gigabit Internet connection in our home. Like the USG Pro 4, it is possible to block a variety of potential threats to your network including:.

For our home network, I took a cautious approach that blocks almost all of these potential threats. But not both.

Further, it is possible to block up to countries. I currently block countries including as many sources of spam and malware bots as possible. This new feature enables you to block specific categories of sites based on their profile. For example, you can block malicious sites, phishing sites, and adult sites. These filters can also be applied by VLAN. So, you can have a more restricted policy for your guest, IoT, or security camera networks, for example.

I recommend enabling both deep packet inspection and device fingerprinting. Deep packet inspection analyzes traffic on your network. Device fingerprinting identifies edge devices on your network. I recommend enabling the endpoint scanner, which scans your edge devices for potential security threats and vulnerabilities. In computer security, a honeypot is a means of detecting and deflecting malicious actors or programs.

The honeypot appears to be a legitimate site or network service but it is actually isolated and enforcing your network security.

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The UDM Pro includes a service that reports when internal devices on your LAN attempt to connect to any of the following virtual ports:. The advantage of using both multiple honeypots and VLANs is that you can more quickly identify and isolate threats within your network.

Devices on the same segment do not need to be routed to local devices. Because layer 2 switches operate on the same broadcast domain, broadcast traffic on that switch is forwarded to all other ports, potentially creating broadcast storms. Realistically, there are only so many Ethernet runs that are exist at a given location drop in your home.

For this reason, you will likely need a hub or switch at the drop to multiple the number of available Ethernet ports. We already have a comprehensive smart switch solution for our home using Lutron Caseta.


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